About us

Since August 2007, we have been working to increase the participation of young people (especially those with fewer opportunities) in international youth exchange programme, seminars and trainings in Europe.

Through promoting non-formal education and volunteering, we aim to create a sense of European citizenship among young people, as well as increasing awareness of the importance of youth work and engagement.

OSMEH was active in the European Commissions Youth in Action programme, and we have had cooperated on many international and regional projects as participants and hosts.

Since 2014 we are a partner organization for projects in the Erasmus+ programme.

We are also a sending, coordinating and hosting organization for the European Voluntary Service programme under registration number 2013-SI-3. We are currently hosting a German and a Scottish volunteer until autumn 2014.

In addition to our international projects, OSMEH is active in implementing youth projects at local level. These projects are focused on improving our local communities, developing awareness about ecology and sustainable development, and increasing a common feeling of solidarity and humanity. Participation of young people and quality spending of free time, is the most important part of the chain of our mission.

We have established close cooperation with the Youth Office of Palilula municipality in the implementation of our local projects. This partnership also enables us to participate in the design and implementation of a national youth strategy, and to develop the concept of youth work in Serbia.

Organization OSMEH is closely collaborating with other NGOs from municipality, that are working on topics of inclusion and youth participation.